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Stellum Spirits
WHA Single Barrel Bourbon 

Stellum Spirits, Louisville, KY

Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 

Selected by: Whiskey Hunt Australia

Barrel: #Cygnus B8
Bottle Proof: 59.71% abv. (barrel strength)

Distilled: 08-04-2016

Bottled: 18-06-2021 
Filter: None
Yield: 196 Bottles
Mash Bill: 60% corn | 36 % rye | 4% Malted Barley

Single barrel whiskeys are an expression of distinction and power. Every cask is different. Many make good ingredients, but only some possess the particular character and balance to make a worthy single barrel bottling.

Tasting Notes:

Cygnus B8 comes in strong with notes of Honey Nut Cheerios, sourwood honey, ripe pineapple, apricot, orange zest, spearmint, white pepper, butterscotch, and a hint of tarragon on the nose. The palate starts with caramel popcorn, salted dark chocolate, sourwood honey followed by cinnamon, spearmint, dark cherry, burnt orange, and a touch of guajillo chilies and roasted pecans.

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