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Wild Turkey
Kentucky Spirit
Single Barrel Select by Whiskey Hunt Australia 

Wild Turkey, Lawerenceburg, KY

Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 

Selected by: Whiskey Hunt Australia

Barrel: #21-0084
Bottle Proof: 50.5% abv. 

Distilled: 26-12-2012

Bottled: 23-08-2021 
Yield: 96 x 750ml Bottles 
Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley

Situated in Lawrenceburg, overlooking the Kentucky River, the Wild Turkey distillery has been making bourbon since 1891, and this Private Barrel Select is the ultimate expression from Father and Son Master Distillers, Jimmy and Eddie Russell.

For over 60 years, Jimmy has preserved a tradition that dates back generations and he’s passed his knowledge onto his Master Distiller son Eddie, who has also been at the distillery for over 35 years. Together, with over 100 years of distilling knowledge, they have created some of the finest whiskies on the planet.

Matured in the deepest No. 4 “alligator” char American White Oak barrels, Master Distiller, Eddie Russell, has hand selected the most complex and perfectly rounded barrels found in the old wooden rick houses, situated on Wild Turkey Hill.


Aged to perfection, only 25 of these special barrels have been made available worldwide!

Kentucky Spirit Private Barrel no 21-0084 was hand selected by Master Distiller Eddie Russell at the peak of its maturity due to its unique and vibrant flavour profile and has been bottled at Wild Turkeys signature 101 proof. With new make liquid put into the barrel the day after Boxing Day 2012, the prime position within level 4 of Rickhouse F has helped to bring out the exceptional nose, taste and finish that is unique to this barrel alone. As Eddie Russell states "Aromas of toffee and cinnamon expand into complex flavours of cinnamon and banana leading to a short sweet finish of caramel and toffee notes. A special and unique bourbon worth celebrating". And it was for this uniqueness that Whiskey Hunt Australia has hand selected barrel no 21-0084 as our Private Barrel.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: malt, cereal, pie crust

Taste: peanut, caramel, vanilla

Finish: easy and sweet, nutty, vanilla, hints of chocolate

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