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Barton Distillery WHA barrel pick


Whiskey Hunt Australia is a place for all Aussie Whiskey fans to learn, share and experience all things bourbon & whiskey!  We aren't professional whiskey connoisseurs, just a group of enthusiasts with a passion for bourbon!


Always on the hunt for good whiskey; we partner with quality brands we love, to bring unique whiskey experiences to the community.  Our events are designed to cater to whiskey lovers of all levels, from the casual sipper to the seasoned connoisseur.  Our WHA single barrel program gives Aussie bourbon fans access to incredible "one-of-a-kind" releases once only dreamed of in Australia.  Barrel picks with world famous brands, as well as craft producers not available anywhere else in Australia! 

We love nothing more than opening someone to the idea that bourbon isn't just made for mixing with coke in a can!  The magic that happens when that white dog ages in those new charred oak barrels is something to savour and appreciate with friends!  Join our community of whiskey enthusiast and share your passion with like-minded individuals, always on the hunt for American whiskey! 

Cheers & Happy Hunting


Top influencers and whiskey fans from across Australia, hand selected for their passion and involvement in the whiskey community, brought together to celebrate all things whiskey! Join us on The Sydney Bourbon Trail!






"It's not about the whiskey, It's about the lives you touch and the people you meet and the whiskey is the byproduct of a good relationship.”

Freddie Johnson

NEAT: The Story of Bourbon

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Willett tasting event
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