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Nashville Barrel Company - Single Barrel Rye

Nashville Barrel Company, Tennessee 

Single Barrel Rye

Non-Chill Filtered

Barrel: 714

Age: 6 years 

Bottled at: Cask Strength 59.17% abv

Distillery: MGP

Mashbill: 95% rye 5% malted barley

Barrel Yield: 150

Tasting Notes:
Caramel, vanilla, mint, floral; bold lingering spice


Selected by Whiskey Hunt Australia in Nashville, Tennessee.

We're very excited to announce the second Nashville Barrel Company single barrel to Australia "Pennyrye" WHA Halloween Vol. III. 

Cofounders Mike Hinds & James Davenport hosted the WHA barrel pick crew as we tasted through several barrels in their on-site tasting room, fitted out with experimental barrels aging away! This 95/5 MGP classic rye mashbill jumped out as a winner!  

Legend has it Nashville whiskey fans have been disappearing, lost down in the sewage system canals following a green clown know only as, Pennyrye!  The clown lures its victims with promise of rare whiskey and barrel picks!  


"Pennyrye" comes with a custom sticker, turn the lights out after a few drams and see what happens!  

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