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Old Forester Distillery

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Barrel: #4595

Warehouse: J Floor: 6

Bottled at: 50% abv.

Mash Bill: 72% corn 18% rye 10% malted barley

Barrel Yield: 132 bottles

The first ever “Whiskey Hunt” held in November of 2019, was truly a special day.  With 30 of Australia’s most passionate bourbon fans on board a luxury coach we cruised around Sydney, stopping at a distillery, bars and a few undisclosed locations in search of the finest whiskey in the world! 

On arrival to the Brown Forman offices guests were shocked to find out they were all being part of a barrel pick!  An experience very few people ever get to take part in.  We learned some of the history and methods that makes Old Forester such an incredible brand, followed by tasting barrel samples picked by Old Forester’s Master Taster, Jackie Zykan, for our very own single barrel release!  Once all the votes were tallied barrel 4595 was the winner! 

A huge thank you to Seamus Carroll, Matt Binns, Tom Rogers and Stuart Reeves who went above and beyond to make this crazy project possible! 

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