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Penelope Bourbon Private Select

Penelope Bourbon 

Bottled in Bardstown. KY 

Distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana 

Non-Chill filtered

Batch 22-302
115 Proof  /  57.5% abv

Bourbon Facts
Corn Bourbon - Aged 5 years
Rye Bourbon - Aged 5.5 years
Wheat Bourbon - Aged 4.5 years
Barley Malt Bourbon - Aged 9 years

Mash Bill
Corn: 70%
Rye: 4%
Wheat: 21%
Malt: 5%

Bottles Available
Only 132 bottles of this incredible batch made it to Australia

Penelope Bourbon Private Select explores new and unique expressions of our signature four grain straight bourbon whiskey. Every Private Select batch is a new and exclusive blend of three different bourbon mash bills. The barrels selected for Private Select are the best our inventory has to offer and go through an extensive hand-selection process -making each batch truly special and unique. Private Select is bottled at Barrel Strength.

This private release was selected with help from Penelope Co-Founder and master blender Danny Polise.  Shortly after securing the last of this incredible blend for us, Danny and the team submitted it to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  If you've never heard of SFWSC they are one of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world!  This exact batch (22-302) was awarded double gold, and best of class for small batch Bourbon! 

Huge thank you to Danny and the team at Penelope for getting us access to this incredible whiskey! Penelope has a huge thirsty fan base in America, so we're fortunate to have this limited award winning drop in Australia! 

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