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Nashville Barrel Company - Single Barrel Bourbon

Nashville Barrel Company, Tennessee 

Single Barrel Bourbon  

Barrel: 1381

Distillery: Undisclosed Indiana (take a guess)

Age: 5 years +  

Bottled at: Cask Strength 59.63% abv

Filter: Non-chill filtered 

Barrel Yield: 150 / 750ml bottles

"That Red Head"

Selected by Whiskey Hunt Australia in Nashville, Tennessee.

We're very excited to introduce Nashville Barrel Company to Australia with this single barrel bourbon.  NBCo has been exploding in popularity over the past couple years with their barrel pick program across the US.  As a non-distilling producer they source barrels from several distilleries, choosing barrels that are unique and memorable to offer as single barrel expressions.

Cofounders Mike Hinds & James Davenport hosted the WHA barrel pick crew as we tasted through several barrels in their on-site tasting room, fitted out with experimental barrels aging away! After selecting a winner we were shocked when asked "Do you want to take some home with you today?" James hand bottled a case for us to walk out the door with on the spot!  Very cool, and certainly made waiting 8 months for the rest to arrive in Australia a little easier! 

"That Red Head" comes with a custom sticker that pays homage to the music city and the juice in the bottle, with its deep auburn red tones and cinnamon red hots on the palate!

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that red head bourbon
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