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RY3 Rum cask Rye
RY3 Whiksey

3 Mashbills, 3 Distillates, 3 Whiskeys, Selected by 3 whiskey mates!

Phenomenal Spirits, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Rum Cask Finished Rye Whiskey 

Batch: PR#4

Proof: 58.9% abv. cask strength


3 year -   MGP 95% rye 5% malted barley

4 year -   Canadian 100% rye 

14 year - MGP 99% corn 1% malted barley 

Barrel Yield: 240 Bottles 700ml bottles 


Ry3 is a special blend of 3 phenomenal whiskeys, 3 carefully handpicked mash-bills, and 3 distinctive aged statements, that are meticulously blended with artisanal distinction to create this magical liquid.
The culmination of this beautifully well-balanced whiskey is finished in vintage rum casks, resulting in a sipping experience of silky-smooth rye whiskey with layers of fruity and complex notes from the rum barrels.

Phenomenal Spirits Founder & CEO, Karthik Sudhir commented, “Craft whiskey consumers have truly embraced rye whiskey, America’s original iconic spirit. According to Distilled Spirits Council of US, between 2009 and 2019, rye volumes skyrocketed by 1,275%, growing to 1.2 million cases and continue their impressive surge, growing 15% in the past year[1]. With the resurgence of rye whiskey, product innovation has reached new heights, spurring consumer’s curiosity. We developed RY3 Whiskey with these curious consumers in mind. RY3 is one of a few Rye whiskies finished in rum casks, offering drinkers layers of intense flavour and complexity for a contemporary and exciting Rye drinking experience.”  Karthik is joined by Master Blender, Matt Witzig, former Master Distiller & Blender at Joseph A. Magnus.

Keeping with the RY3 theme we partnered with our best whiskey mates @agirltastingwhiskey & @thewhiskygirlcollection to select this tasty little number. 

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