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High West Double Rye! - Barrel Select

High West Distillery, Park City Utah

Barrel Select Double Rye! Whiskey 

Barrel: 27342

Distillery: High West Distillery

Mashbill: A blend of MGP & High West Distillates 

Finish: Manhattan cask - 11 months  

Bottled at: 50.4% abv

Barrel Yield: 228 / 750ml bottles

Selected by Whiskey Hunt Australia 

In October 2023 we had the privilege of co-hosting Master Distiller Brendan Coyle during his visit to Sydney.  Guests were treated to some very special drams that night including the Midwinter's night dram, and the Prisoner's Share, but one bottle the lucky guests didn't know was coming, a preview of our first barrel pick of 2024, High West Double Rye, finished in a Manhattan cask!  Hearing Brendan's excitement while explaining the time and effort the High West team put into the barrel select program reminded me just how much I love this brand, and this phenomenal barrel select!

This barrel select starts with the distinctive High West Double Rye! mashbill, which consists of MGP infamous 95/5 (95% straight rye & 5% malted barley) and their own High West distillate (80% rye & 20% malted rye) aged between 2 - 7 years.  The whiskey is then finished for 11 months in a Manhattan cask, which was previously used for the distilleries barrel aged cocktail program! 

If you're a fan of the classic Manhattan cocktail, you'll love everything about this barrel select!  The double rye mashbill cinnamon and spice combines perfectly with the berry and herbaceousness of the Manhattan barrel finish.  

Learn more about High West Distillery

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